Personalized Financial Planning & Ongoing Investment Management

What makes our wealth management firm different from Wall Street firms, banks, and insurance companies?

  • Independence – We are not affiliated with any bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company.  This means we can go anywhere in the financial arena to find the solution that works for you.  We are not captive to company products.
  • No hidden costs – Traditional advisors sell products for commissions, even if they are independent.  These big payday commissions can lead to recommendations that hurt you more than help you.  We take independence to the next level and do not accept 3rd party money from anyone for any recommendation we make.  This helps to further remove harmful conflicts of interest and helps you to get the advice, results, and support you deserve.
  • Fiduciary – We work only for you to represent your best interest with undivided loyalty.  A product company does not pay us; an insurance company does not pay us.  The financial planning industry has fought the fiduciary standard for years and they have won.  If an advisor works for a company or sells products then they represent the company, not you.

As a result of our structure you can remove financial doubts, establish a trusting relationship, and move towards your goals with a greater peace of mind.