About Us

Chris Baum, CFP®

Palermo Wealth Management is fee-only registered investment advisory firm.

We offer personalized financial planning and ongoing asset management.   There are no account minimums as we believe that everyone has the right to competent, affordable, and professional advice regardless of their net worth or investable assets.


Why we work the way we do?

Financial Freedom:  Our mission is to help create and enhance your complete financial freedom.

Many of the most successful people in the world have coaches.  Athletes, CEOs and everyone in between needs help to fully achieve their goals.  If you are serious about getting to your financial freedom then you will most likely need some coaching.  This coach can’t have you buy high cost products, and you can’t expect someone else to pay your coach.  They will be paying him/her for one reason only; to sell products that make the firm money.

Anyone working for someone other than you has a misalignment of loyalty, a conflict of interest, and may be a hazard to you obtaining and keeping your financial freedom.

We want more than anything for you to make good financial decisions on the road to becoming financially free.  For that to happen we work in a fee-only environment and align our interest and loyalty to you.

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