Comprehensive Financial Planning

Fee-Only Planning

Fee-only simply means that we do not sell you investment products; this allows us to focus on the process of financial planning not on commissions from financial product sales.

The sad reality is the financial planning world is a sales world instead of an advice world.  Wall Street spends hundreds of millions of dollars on propaganda and sales pitches to make sure that the distinction stays blurred.

Consumers believe they are receiving financial advice for free, when in fact there are many layers of harmful hidden costs buried in the products sold to them.  Consumers believe their advisors work for them, when in fact the advisors work for the company to meet sales goals.  Consumers believe they have a variety of options, when generally the choices from traditional financial planners can be limited, expensive, and inappropriate.   In general the financial services industry is motivated to sell stuff.  Stuff is not what you need to move toward your goals.

You can be assured Palermo Wealth Management works only for you to provide unbiased advice that is in your best interest.  Advice that moves you toward your goals.

The Financial Planning Process

We think the most important part of financial planning is an understanding of your unique circumstances. We therefore take the time to uncover your attitude about money, clarify your financial objectives, and evaluate the current state of your finances.  We then formulate plans and strategies that best fit your needs.

Middle America and Planning

Everyone needs a financial plan, but for people who are not high net worth it is critical.  Small changes in your plan make a bigger impact.  For all the gains the financial planning industry has made in recent years average Americans are being left behind by not meeting the high asset level many fee-only financial advisors require.

High net worth and the ultra rich are not getting their advice from broker-dealers; they are not buying their insurance from a Registered Representative.  They are working with fee-only financial advisors; gaining access to advice and products that are typically lower in cost and better suited to help move towards their goals.

By providing fee-only financial planning with or without our wealth management services you are gaining access to completely objective investment evaluations and financial advice.

With the right plan for your finances you can enjoy the present and look forward to the future without fear or apprehension.