Wealth Management

If you can’t imagine driving to an unknown destination without a road-map, then why drive towards your retirement without a comprehensive wealth plan?  Our Wealth Plan will guide you from where you are to where you want to be.  We utilize a comprehensive program that tracks your finances all the way to retirement.

Our Wealth Management Program encompasses financial planning, investment management, and ongoing relationship management.  Our clients remove financial doubts, establish a trusting relationship and move towards their goals with a greater peace of mind.

Investment Management

Investment management is probably the most complicated area of financial planning and is therefore where many of us procrastinate.  But it doesn’t need to be so difficult: incorporate our guidance and financial strategies so you can make decisions with confidence.

Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to invest your portfolio so that it will yield the return you seek with the lowest possible risk.  The best way to achieve this is through diversification, in other words, the allocation of your portfolio among different asset classes.  Simply stated, depending on your situation, your money is invested in a variety of stocks, bonds, commodities, natural resources, precious metals, and cash, and then rebalanced periodically.  If you have invested too heavily in any sector you may have first hand knowledge with the consequences of holding a portfolio that is not diversified: Technology stocks in 2000, financial stocks in 2007, or Real Estate in 2006 all caused large losses.  If you experienced this you are not alone.  Many people had concentrated positions in the “hot investment” and experienced large losses in investments during these periods.  Holding a diversified portfolio can reduce risk of loss.

Investment Decision-Making

Being diversified among asset classes does not mean living with low returns.  Rather, it delivers better volatility-adjusted returns.  In addition, we believe: that portfolios should be rebalanced by guidelines in order to maintain a long-term chosen asset allocation; that long-term compounding of common stocks outpace bond income investments, that dollar cost averaging based on a value averaging process provides a greater entry point; and that reasonable expenses and tax efficiency are important to total return.

Investment Research

Our portfolios are designed using the in-depth asset class research and mutual fund due diligence from fi360, Morningstar, and other independent sources.  We invest in passive exchange traded funds for equity positions for various bond positions, low-turnover actively managed mutual funds are used fill out your bond portfolio.